Russia Allows Hotels to Accept Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Payments for FIFA World Cup 2018

One of the most important football events, the FIFA World Cup, will bring Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies closer to people. Due to the diplomatic problems that Russia and western countries have, the Russian government is trying to attract as many tourists as possible. That’s why, the city of Kaliningrad, one of the host cities to the World Cup, will allow hotels in the city to accept cryptocurrency payments. The FIFA World Cup is an event that gathers lot of attention from the media and people all over the world. It is for sure that Kaliningrad accepting cryptocurrencies will be one of the topics that will be discussed by the media and individuals. Kaliningrad will host different football matches and teams. Among the countries that will play in this city we find Belgium, Croatia, Morocco, Nigeria, Serbia, Switzerland, Spain and England. The most important hotels in the city (and others not so known), have partnered with companies that specialize in payment processes and c…
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