Is Bitcoin Safe?

You may have asked the question: is Bitcoin safe? on multiple occasions. Should you really think to put your money into Bitcoin? Well, Tim Draper is an investor with renowned opinions about the cryptomarket. He is an avid believer in the positivities of crypto and his bullish position has earned him many followers and detractors. On multiple occasions, his predicted forecasts have proved successful despite adverse scenarios, and this is something to take into consideration. A few years ago, Draper predicted that Bitcoin would increase by more than 10k, a figure that only a few believed possible at the time. His prediction was met in about one year. A month ago, Mr. Draper also predicted that Bitcoin would cost 250k by 2022. Quite a controversial and yet not impossible figure compared to Bitcoin’s previous performance over time. This Thursday, in an interview for CNBC, Tim Draper spoke about the advantages of using cryptocurrencies over the traditional FIAT system. For …
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