Bitcoin Price is Predicted to Reach $64000 by April 2018

Creator of the Web Bot Project, Clif High a Bitcoin expert, predicts that the beginning of March is the likely time that we will see another boost in Bitcoin price, just like we saw at the end of last year, where Bitcoin hit an all time high. This applies to the entire crypto space, and not just for Bitcoin. So what makes this price increase different? Previously, we have been seeing what is described as a crocodile tooth, where the price increases and then falls. But the number of investors is set to considerably increase, as cryptocurrencies become more and more mainstream, which will mean that the price will not fall so significantly again. High believes that Bitcoin will hit $64,000 as early as April, and adds that it will go even higher. Although it would be expected that it would see a 30% drop after the initial high, this will still bring that value of the coin to the mid $40,000’s. He even goes as far to say that we might see it reach in the region of $100,000 this y…
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