CryptoCelebs: Famous People who are Part of the Cryptocurrency Craze

Cryptocurrency are the latest craze sweeping the world, and it’s not just average Joes dropping their life savings for a piece of the action. Some of the most popular people in the world have used their money, celebrity, and immense social media followings to invest in or endorse cryptocurrency-based businesses and services. A lot of the celebrity support for cryptocurrencies revolves around the Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) the cryptocurrency startups create. An ICO is a fundraising event where a cryptocurrency sells a percentage of that currency, in the form of tokens, to people in exchange for money to help get the cryptocurrency off the ground. A few words of praise from certain celebrities have helped numerous cryptocurrencies earn millions of dollars in funding. Actors, musicians, athletes, and entrepreneurs have all been drawn to the allure of cryptocurrencies. These are some of the most notable celebrity endorsements. Richard Branson, the Virgin Group founde…
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