Over the years there has been many Crypto payment services come and go. The larger companies who make it charge high fees and their customer service can be non-existent at the best of times. The smaller companies who appear when Bitcoin is on a high usually fade away when it’s at its low.

So who can you use that offer a great solution for your Cryptocurrency payment needs?

Have no fear we’ve found a very promising company that offers an all round solution called Salamantex.

Salamantex, an Austrian startup, offering an all round payment solution for online and in-store payments. In the few months since their launch, big brand clients such as Opel & Renault have opted to use their payment terminal system.

So what’s so good about Salamantex I hear you ask? Well apart from their simplified process of crypto payments, ease of use, easy integration, automatic conversion from cryptocurrency to fiat, and their awesome customer service with an amazing team of people dedicated to bringing Crypto adoption to the masses, it’s plain to see why many merchants are turning to them for their crypto payment needs.

Their Crypto Payment Service can be used via their very own awesome looking payment terminal, can be integrated into online shops and further be used on pre-existing hardware like a smartphone, tablet or pc via app or a webclient in a browser. Moreover, an integration into existing POS terminals is being worked on.

Take a look at their website https://www.salamantex.com for further detailed information of their services.

It’s certainly plain to see that Salamantex have a great future ahead of them!

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