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Waves World is a marketplace for cryptocurrency- and blockchain-themed merchandise. The Waves World (WW) token is the native reward token for the broader WW ecosystem, which includes a Waves mining node and active Telegram community. WW are earned for valuable activities and can be spent alongside many other Cryptocurrencies in the Waves World marketplace.

How to earn WW tokens

There several ways to earn WW:

Lease your WAVES to the Waves World mining pool to receive your share of 100% of WAVES LPoS rewards, 100% of MRT and weekly WW payouts.
Join the Millionaires Club to receive automated daily rewards, currently set at 3,500 WW.
Participate in our regular social media and referral campaigns, organised through the WW Telegram community. This simply involves signing up via Telegram to link your social media account to a Waves address and retweeting publicity for our partnering crypto projects.
Get involved in our Telegram community in other ways to receive tips in WW and other tokens.
You can hold your WW for the long term, trade them on Waves DEX for other cryptocurrencies and tokens, or spend them in the Waves World Marketplace for loads of great crypto-themed items and services!


Waves World is a grassroots crypto initiative that exists to promote and foster mass adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, furthering decentralisation for the good of humanity. Our goal is to become a community that is both owned and governed by its members.

As well as providing a vital link between the crypto world and the real economy via our crypto marketplace, we assist new projects to launch and gain exposure through the Waves World Advisory and Marketing programmes.

Waves World actively works with marketplace partners to sell new crypto products and are happy to enter into profit-sharing arrangements for exclusive merchandise deals.

More items are constantly being added to the marketplace. Come back often to see what we’ve got to offer, spend your WW tokens and cryptocurrencies, and help build the crypto economy.

Crypto AcceptedBitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero, Zcash

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