Our Humble beginnings
I have always had a fascination with Decorative Throw Pillows. They are such an amazing way to quickly change up your decor and liven up a space. I’ve had my fair share of pillows stuffed in closets as I change out different ones for holidays and such. The idea of simply being able to switch out covers was intriguing and most pillows available on the market don’t have removable covers and most are not washable.

Being originally from South Africa, I seem to have a streak of adventure in me. Looking for new things and discovering the unique and eclectic item. Finding little stores and nooks in new towns are always a welcome treasure hunt!

I started reselling throw pillow covers in 2016 and was amazed at how well unique designs sold and how much my customers liked them. Both my daughter and I are very creative and artsy, and evolving into creating our own personal designs just seem to come naturally. In August of 2016 I posted a few designs on Etsy to just see what would happen, and we were blown away at the reception we had our first Christmas season.

2017 has been filled with many learning curves, from homing in our design skills and balancing our love for the vintage “look” to also incorporate abstract and trending styles.

My daughter Carealee quickly became part of my business, as graphic designer and our in-house photographer. At only 16, she has an incredible eye for design and is very artistic. Since she home schools, she has flexibility to help in all areas of the business. She has a passion for graphic design and wants to further her education in that direction. I lovingly refer to her as our “Perfect Font Finder” as she has such a keen eye for both color balance and finding the right font! (We have hundreds of fonts!)

This year we are introducing a new Travel Pillow Line featuring amazing travel destinations around the world. We create both designs from scratch and license artists graphic designs as well. This gives us an amazing balance of artistic abilities and adds a unique flavor of design aspects.

We can create large continental sized pillows all the way down to our adorable mini pillow collection (and all the sizes in between) We have also added different fabric weights to align with the needs of interior designers and stagers. All our pillows have hidden zippers for ease of swapping out your decor.

We suggest our customers invest in a set of good quality inserts and then simply reuse the inserts by swapping out the covers. Since our customers need inserts as well, we added them to our product line this year. We have been blown away at how many inserts we sell! This year we are branching out and introducing various hard to find pillow sizes and shapes.

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