We help travellers see the world using Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Book your first Australian travel experience today!

TravelbyBit is growing a network of merchants around Australia that accepts payment in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

We believe that one aspect of Bitcoin that holds back its full potential is the public’s perception that there is no practical use for the currency. Building our merchant network will lead to significant visibility among the community and will change this perception.

There are several initiatives now allowing Bitcoin payments through traditional debit cards. However, these use the traditional banking systems’ Point of Sale terminals, and merchants and customers themselves aren’t receiving much awareness about Bitcoin at all.

TravelbyBit payment system is fundamentally different. Our merchants facilitate genuine peer-to-peer transactions. Through the use of digital wallets travellers pay with their choice of digital currency, creating an awareness of Bitcoin amongst the merchants, their staff, and their customers.

Although customers pay in digital currencies like Bitcoin, the merchants can choose to receive payment in Bitcoin, fiat currency, or a combination. It’s our vision that our merchants around Australia will begin to receive payment exclusively in Bitcoin, use it to pay for business suppliers and even pay their staff in Bitcoin.

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