PrepBox Nutrition is a meal prep  (meal preparation) company that tailors around YOU.

Based in London UK and Europe.

Nutrition is the key for good health, and wellbeing.

We will assist you to progress and achieve a healthier version of you. Our only mission is to make life easier and give you the support and structure you deserve to achieve your health and fitness goals.
We understand how balancing family, life and work whilst achieving personal goals can be both frustrating and taxing on our energy and time. We aim to save you endless hours each week on food shopping, meal prepping & cleaning.

  • We offer a very unique 100% fresh meal prep service delivered straight to your door.
  • All food can be frozen up to one month, defrosted, microwaved and eaten.
  • Free U.K & EUROPE delivery to a destination of your choice; gym, home or work.
  • Over 350 different combinations on the menu including HALAL options.
  • Already have a nutrition plan?? No problem, just send us a copy and we prep accordingly.
  • Keen gym goer or training to compete; We offer macro tailored meal preps to suit you.
  • All fresh food date stamped up to 5 days by law. Freeze any meals that may not get consumed within given expiry date.

PrepBox Nutrition is the meal prep company that wants to assist in all your personal health and nutrition goals.

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