Muscle Gravy is a powder that you mix with water to replace a meal. Muscle Gravy is designed for people who have difficulty putting on weight due to low appetite and a fast metabolism.

Innovative Carb Source – Muscle Gravy is the only mass gainer that uses corn masa for carbohydrates. This healthy carb was the fuel that powered ancient Mayan hunters and warriors when they needed a portable energy source. Now, over 1,000 years later, we understand why this was their food of choice. It’s made from corn and it’s quickly digestible, but won’t give you the same blood sugar spike as maltodextrin or dextrose – common carb sources in mass gainers.

73 Grams of High Quality Protein – Muscle Gravy provides 73 grams of protein per serving more than double what many mass gainers offer. Muscle Gravy uses 100% whey protein concentrate while supplementing BCAAs, Creatine and L-Glutamine.

Healthy Fat Source – Flax seed is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats – these are the healthy fats most of us don’t get enough of. It also adds a delicious nutty flavor to the shakes.

Psyllium Fiber for Digestion – Have you ever tried drinking lots of whey protein to boost your total protein intake?  The problem is it’s difficult to digest – leading to upset stomach and other digestive issues. Psyllium fiber is a simple and healthy solution, making protein shakes much easier on your body. Another bonus: most people aren’t eating enough fiber. Supplementing with psyllium has a wide variety of health benefits for people who don’t get enough fruits and veggies in their diet.

Amazing Taste – Muscle gravy uses 5 grams of real sugar and cocoa powder to achieve an excellent flavor. Always mixes smooth.

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