We make a variety of art pieces!  We have Bitcoin posters, Ethereum posters, and several other popular cryptocurrency art pieces.  We also specialize in artwork from space, science, history, and pop culture.  You’ll find over 200 unique prints and canvases that are sure to spark a conversation!

Who we are:

Lynx Art started as a vision for conversation pieces.

Owners Frank & Nicole started out by creating a single poster design which they published online back in 2012.  The artwork went viral and, from there, Lynx began rapidly expanding, offering new designs and partnering with new marketplaces.

Today, Lynx Art Collection employs over ten artists who collaborate with Frank & Nicole to bring their vision to your setting – the trendiest pieces that are designed to spark a conversation.

Lynx Art Collection is partnered with a variety of vendors – Art.com, Space.com, Discovery Channel, Game Stop, and many other popular names.

High quality is our key.  You’ll find that every Lynx Art Collection poster print is printed onto a 10 point cardstock, nearly the same thickness as a postcard (post cards are a 14 point cardstock).  Many customers tell us they feel like they received “more than a poster.”

And canvases?  They’re stretched and mounted on a wooden frame – not cheap cardboard like some companies use.

Damaged order?  Send us an e-mail with a picture, we’ll replace the order free of charge and handle the replacements’ shipping charge, too.

All of our pieces are limited – whether that be based upon a specific time frame or a total quantity available.  They will never be reproduced or recreated again.  This ensures that you own something not everybody owns; something unique and rare.

The name LYNX is sparked from Link – we’re your link to the some of the coolest conversation pieces that you can hang up in your space.

Questions?  We reply to all e-mails within just a few hours.  You can reach out to us at:  info (at) lynxartcollection.com

Crypto AcceptedBitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, Monero

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