Briz Loan & Guitar is now a LibertyX cashier. You can now buy Bitcoin from a walk-in retail store in downtown Vancouver Washington.

LibertyX has been selling Bitcoin since 2014 and was the first to set-up a Bitcoin ATM in the nation.
Briz Loan & Guitar has been in downtown Vancouver WA serving locals since 1995.

LiberyX makes buying Bitcoin very easy. Simply download their app to your phone, confirm your phone number, locate you desired cashier (Briz) and place an order. Bring in the cash to Briz with your order number and the Bitcoin is sent from LiberyX to your wallet directly. You can buy as little as $1 up to your app limit (yes, you can buy a fraction of a Bitcoin).

You can learn more about LibertyX on their site or feel free to come into Briz if you have any questions.

Crypto AcceptedBitcoin
Opening Times

Monday-Saturday 10AM-6PM, Sundays Noon-5PM

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