First, who is the mind behind Kimchi Socks LLC? My name is Jason V. Holmes from New  Orleans, Louisiana. I been to nine countries and counting. I use to manage an office with a staff of seven employees. I use to be a project manager for a total of seven different construction projects.  I coordinate entrepreneur networking and learning events. I train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for exercise, and I try to knock out at least two books a month. Right now, Kimchi Socks is something I run in my free time, and I have a goal to build this business to a level where it one day replaces my full-time job’s paycheck. That way I can build more businesses.

Kimchi Socks has been an idea in the making since 2013 from my bottom bunk-bed at Housetay Guesthouse in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea to my company dorm room in Gunsan, South Korea. There are a lot of sock designers here in South Korea, and that translates to a lot of competition among them. Also, there is a decent size demand for made in Korea socks from foreigners outside of South Korea. These two things acted as catalysts behind the birth of Kimchi Socks.

The domain got purchased during my 2013 Christmas holiday in Hongdae, Seoul and 2015, I finally decided to go all in, so I incorporated Kimchi Socks LLC on August 4, 2015. Kimchi Socks started as a sock subscription based company and then pivoted towards being a sock gifting service. We also handle retail and bulk orders. Now our focus is on designing our designs and marketing them. We don’t want just to be in the business of selling socks. We want to be in the business of selling you socks that enhance your style and have socks that each has a valuable meaning behind them

Not only do we want to sell socks, but we also want to work with other sock designers as well because fresh ideas will keep our kimchi fresh. Kimchi Socks want to collaborate with social network influencers in fashion. One way would be to allow them to contribute to our blog. Then, in the future when our income grows, Kimchi Socks LLC wants to support the New Orleans community with something like sponsorships for a non-profit, a scholarship program, or something where we can have a positive social impact.

Ultimately, I hope for Kimchi Socks LLC to provide excellent service and products to people. I want everyone who gets our socks to love them so much that they tell their family and friends about Kimchi Socks. I hope you get a chance to try our Kimchi.

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