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Understanding GPS Tracking

The science of GPS tracking technology is solely based upon the network of satellites circling the Earth everyday. Known as the Global Positioning System, these 27 Department of Defense satellites are used to discover the precise position or location of people, vehicles or any other tangible objects here on Earth.

A GPS tracker is used to gather low level radio signals from the network of satellites orbiting the Earth and use those signals to determine a wealth of data related to location and position, recording the meticulous data directly to a on-board GPS receiver or transmitting the information to a off-site computer server where that locational data can be accessed by a computer, mobile device or tablet with Internet capabilities. The GPS tracking data can be transmitted via cellular data module embedded in the GPS tracker or alternative source such as a radio. The data gathered and stored onto the car GPS tracking device can include information such as speed, altitude, longitude positions, latitude positions, times en route, times departed and more.

When placed in an area with ideal reception, a quality GPS tracker can be accurate up to 2.5 meters, or approximately 6 feet.

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