You are at the center of our story…our customer. Our goal is to make you happy by connecting you to the exact bike you want.

We have been selling all things cycling since 2001. We opened as on an online retailer and soon became a local bike shop as well (more about that later). We love to be a part of the interconnectedness of the web and the information that flows freely and quickly. Our daily tasks in the office line up with our vision, which is to use the web to connect our customers to exactly what they are looking for. Sometimes that means, the bike. Often we have found that our customers are also looking for the inspiration, the speed, the competition, the camaraderie and the beauty of well made things; all of which go along with the bike.

What does a regular Monday morning look like here at Glory Cycles? First things first, lots of music and coffee. Then on to analyzing sales, looking at what’s hot and new, blogging, reviewing, building, selling, reaching out to customers, video creation and editing and then perhaps a ride squeezed in somewhere.

From opening the shop doors to closing down our computers, you are the center of everything we do.

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