Eye Gemstones formed more than 3000 years due to meteorite hitting agate mine, originally found in Himalaya mountains. Very rare, above all, no same eye gemstones, each one is unique. We polished it into necklace pendants by hand, it’s very difficult to polish a perfect eye gemstone pendant, it’s definitely worth it. Eye gemstones are also called Sky eye gemstones which mean good luck in ancient Himalaya area.

Because eye gemstones are very very fare, we had to look for new gemstones, then we found a kind of agate, very colorful, very bright, very beautiful, with different graphic patterns, mainly including red and yellow. We polish colorful agate stones into Pendant by hand,, The mine of Colorful Agate Gem stones is located in China, the earliest jewelry which have been discovered is from the Qin Dynasty more than 2500 years ago. Colorful Agate Gem stones feature bright and beautiful color and different graphic patterns, mainly including red and yellow.

No matter eye gemstone or colorful agate gemstones, they will be beautiful and unique gifts to your friend, love, or just perfect present for yourself.

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