A synonym for our product range, which meets the highest standards of naturalness.

The drugstores.at team strives to serve its customers in the best possible way – and to the extent allowed to advise. Our stores have competent and ambitious employees.

We endeavor to pass on our products to our customers at a fair price, so we strive to select suppliers and suppliers not only for the high quality of their products but also for “affordability”.

It has finally been legalized to the extent that at least some of the products are legal and available to everyone. It will help so many people to live their lives more pleasantly.

We sell our products in our stores in Steyr, Wels, Vöcklabruck, Amstetten and Gmunden where also competent staff is available and as far as it is legally possible, will answer your questions as well as possible.

Likewise, our entire product range, which we constantly revise and expand, is available in the online shop. Shipping is neutral and fast.

If you have questions, send us an email!

You will also find many answers in our FAQs.

Please note that we sell flavored products. We are not a pharmacy. The products are not recommended for consumption and must not be used. Therefore, we can not and should not give any medical information.

We maintain that our company does not disclose any of the characteristics of our products for the prevention, alleviation or cure of human or pathological conditions. Such third party information is not attributable to our company. We therefore ask for your understanding that we do not assume any warranty and liability whatsoever for third-party information in this regard.

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