Having spent £100,000’s on websites and landing pages over the past 15 years, we were constantly underwhelmed by both the quality and time these projects took. Building a new website to capitalise on your big idea, whether in-house or via freelancers, seemed to always take forever and be over budget or be subject to compromising what you actually wanted.

In running a successful marketing and coaching business, it was clear that the demand for websites that actually make money is extremely healthy. A growing number of clients are planning for a location-free future.

So whether they choose to travel the world or move to a new city, their business and income can continue unaffected.

The challenge is knowing where to start. It’s one thing to want to start a website, it’s quite another to actually make money from your website. Too often clients would spend thousands building the perfect site but then have zero sales and very few visitors. Along with trying to start a business or side-venture plus a full time career…. It’s no wonder there are so many failed dot coms around.

So, here at Digital Renovators we decided to do something about it.

Put simply.

– We buy websites and URL’s that no longer work (or never did!)
– We Improve or create websites to become profitable
– We sell cash-flow positive & profitable websites
We may not do “Award Winning” or “Thought Provoking” arty pieces… but we will do great looking, socially engaging and profitable websites.

Digital Renovators, a Yorkshire based Website design firm specialising in the buying, selling and improving of websites.
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