Here at CryptoCloaks, we believe in quality products and innovative solutions for keeping your crypto safe.

Keeping your hardwallets and crypto assets hidden is our number 1 goal!

After opening up shop on Etsy in December we quickly began to expand and looked for more ways to bring our products to customers while also following the vision of Crypto payments is the future. Our customers have made us become the leader in mounting solutions! We are actively designing new mounts and products for the crypto world.
We truly believe that crypto is the future and we’re hear to help make the movement happen!

We are constantly updating our shop with new printers and new layouts to make sure we keep processing times to a minimum and quality at a maximum.

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  1. Neat 3D printed pieces to protect crypto wallets

    Really love the innovative and stylish solutions for crypto wallets. It’s really cool to see a new technology like 3d printing being used to support part of the crypto ecosystem! keep up the good work! Pay in BTC +++++

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