As you may or may not be aware FaucetHub.io is no longer able to run as a faucet provider due to new regulation requirements.

Therefore this faucet page is going to close until we can find another alternative.

If you have balances on FaucetHub please try to withdraw these as soon as possible!


Claim a minimum of 10 up to 500 Satoshi’s every hour for FREE.

The current amounts you can win are

10, 15, 25, 100 & 500

1. Signup here,

2. add your Bitcoin address to the bottom of your profile settings,

3. solve the captcha and

4. click on the ‘Claim’ button.

Every time you claim your account accumulates a random amount of coins. Once you reach 10,000 Satoshis or more you get paid via Faucethub, please create an account here and link your Bitcoin Address. You can check your faucet balance in your account dashboard.

So far we’ve paid out 9,003,386 Satoshi

Gain seniority bonuses for being a loyal faucet user!

Use the faucet at least once every 7 days to gain +5% to all your payouts.

Earn 10% Referral commission!

You’ll find your referral link in your sidebar here. The referral link will look something like this ‘https://bitcoinpeople.online/faucet?r=YOUR-BITCOIN-ADDRESS’ Copy and send to all your friends.

Feel free to use this referral banner for your forum profiles.


If your experience issues please use our contact form or via our forum and a representative will be in touch shortly.

Please note anybody abusing the faucet will be instantly banned! See section 29 of Terms & Conditions.