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Suggestions for a PC wallet?  


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17/02/2019 5:32 pm  

Now before anyone tells me  a) this is a 'great wallet blah blah', or b) I should use a hardware wallet please read the whole post.

I have a shop, (bricks and mortar) people come in and buy things with cash card or bitcoin.

If they want to pay with bitcoin, I pop open my wallet, type in the amount in GBP, it converts it using current rates to bitcoin, and pops up a QR code, Customer scans it, clicks OK and it's done!!!

Well... I used to, had a Jaxx wallet, simple, clean, efficient. But they said I had to upgrade to Jaxx Liberty, lots more bells and whistles. Lovely picture of couple on splash screen.  Does it do what it used to, no. Functionality is not as important as a really nice picture obviously!
Asked them on twitter why I can't do what I used to, this is their reply:
"Hi there! We're still working on adding that to the new Jaxx. Thank you for being a long time user of the Jaxx Wallet. We know you'll love #JaxxLiberty with all the new feature we added. - DA

-well no I don't, I hate it! I don't want features

So is there a wallet with this simple and obviously useful functionality?
I don't want a gateway, or an eCommerce solution where someone else holds the coin, just a simple wallet.

I don't want to type in the bitcoin value as that would involve finding the current price and getting a calculator out, that would take time and look messy

p.s. security is not an issue, I'd like as little as possible, so any of my staff can simply open it quickly. (Typical payment is under £20 and I can move it to a hardware wallet same day)

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20/02/2019 10:08 am  

Hmmm good question? I've tweeted to the Crypto community, hopefully someone will be able to offers one sound advice.

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20/02/2019 4:08 pm  

You could give Electrum wallet a try (
If you need it only to receive payments in bitcoins, you can create a watching only wallet so also your employees could accept payments safely. (

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