Problem withdrawing...

Problem withdrawing balance  


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11/03/2018 2:08 pm  


The amount of sats on offer from the faucet has dropped by 90%. To make any withdrawal possible in my lifetime I kinda expected to see the withdrawal threshold drop by the same ratio (from 10,000 to 1,000) but it hasn't.

What are your plans as it's a pointless exercise using the faucet while things stay the way they are?

Thanks etc.

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12/03/2018 8:14 am  

This happened next day after the contest of 0.01 BTC reward , if there was the possibility of the faucet being dryed out then why was the contest being run???? they should have stopped. Ultimately we are at loss while that one person must have enjoyed 0.01 BTC reward..... Thats was bit unfair ☹ 

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12/03/2018 10:49 am  

Hi, Unfortunately we had to dramatically reduce the faucet minimum amount due to the high number of people claiming.

We were starting to get around 300 extra people a day. We were not expecting it to be so popular when we started it. Therefore we took the sudden decision to reduce it down to slow the payouts whilst we work on getting extra funds to top the balance up.

Faucet is being funded via trading profits but the market has dipped recently making profits non existent.

We hope in the near future we'll be able to bring it back up to 100 sats or at least as close as.

Please note that every time you play you also stand a chance of winning 50, 150, 1000, 1500 & 10,000 sats. This is still more than a lot of faucets.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience!

The BitcoinPeople team.

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12/03/2018 2:30 pm  

I for all time since the day of the reduction of the claim, only once received 50, constantly - 10, 10, 10, 10 ..., Lower the payment threshold then. Up to 3000 or 5000 ...

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09/05/2018 8:07 pm  

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