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Bitcoin People Directory Lists Crypto-Friendly Merchants

The number of businesses accepting cryptocurrencies for goods and services has been growing, particularly for P2P coins such as bitcoin cash. Finding places where you can spend your digital cash is easy thanks to platforms such as Bitcoin People. is a merchant directory listing companies that support payments in bitcoin cash (BCH) and several other major coins and tokens. It’s useful for both potential customers who want to find places to spend their digital currencies and for businesses that are willing to accept digital assets for their products.

If you are a crypto entrepreneur, you can sign up and list your businesses for free. To do so, you need to register with the platform. Creating an account requires you to choose a username and password and provide a valid email address. You can also promote your brand as a featured business on the Bitcoin People homepage and on other relevant pages for about $1 per month.

If you need to find merchants accepting cryptocurrencies, you can use the website’s search feature or browse the listings by multiple categories. Those containing the most ads right now are Clothing, Food & Drink, Holidays & Travel, Home & Garden, Art & Crafts, Web Services, and Electronics. But there are also listings in categories such as Aircraft, Jewelry, Video Production, and Pet Food.

You can also filter the listed businesses by country and view them on a map. Each is linked to its dedicated page where you can find details about available products and services, accepted cryptocurrencies, acquire contact information, and even get directions from Google Maps. Bitcoinpeople.onlinehas a section where you can find discounts as well.

For more ideas about items that can be purchased with BCH, check out’s Spend Bitcoin Cash page. You can use it to shop online for a variety of products or to order gift cards for major retailers such as Macy’s and The Home Depot.

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Bitcoin People provides a free directory for all businesses in the UK that accept Bitcoin and other Digital Currencies.

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