These days it’s pretty usual to see store’s, restaurant’s  and even taxi’s accepting payments in Bitcoins or other Cryptocurrencies. However as Cryptocurrency popularity grows there are more and more places where digital currency is welcomed.

Here are 4 slightly unusual and different places where you can pay with Crypto.


Funeral Service

The private funeral service Crescent Tide Funeral & Cremation from Minneapolis. A discount of 3% is provided if you pay with Bitcoin.


Gentlemen’s Club

Private gentlemen’s club Legends Room in Los Angeles accepts Bitcoin and any other Cryptocurrency that is traded on the Bittrex exchange. You can pay for everything with digital money – from drinks in the bar to private dances. The club even has a special Bitcoin ATM. Additionally Legends Room has its own cryptocurrency – Legends (LGD).



Turkish Mosque Shacklewell Lane in London’s Hackney. It’s not about paying with cryptocurrency for goods and services but about donations. The mosque representatives said that they expect to collect at least 10 thousand pounds sterling in Bitcoin and Ethereum as zakat (obligatory charity of 2.5% of the personal wealth donated by Muslims during Ramadan). It is also noted that a special study was conducted which revealed that cryptocurrencies do not contradict the Sharia norms.


Virgin Galactic

Richard Branson also takes a step towards cryptocurrency. He offers everyone to go to a spacetrip on the Virgin Galactic shuttle. The ticket can be purchased with Bitcoin and costs…. a lot!


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