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With the ever increasing popularity of Bitcoin more and more business are starting to accept it as a method of payment. But unfortunately there aren’t many websites out there to find who or where these businesses are!?

BitcoinPeople provides a FREE directory service for all businesses that accept Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

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We’re more than just a directory!

BitcoinPeople like to think of ourselves as more than just a directory website, we picture ourselves as a big happy community put together to support amazing businesses and all Cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

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Definitive list of Popular Bitcoin Payment Gateways

If your thinking of adding Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrency payments to your store, or maybe your not happy with the one you're already using. We've put together a definitive list of popular Bitcoin Payment Gateways to help you find the best one for your business. Merchants who are running an online business on WordPress or Shopify or anything similar online platform can now start accepting Bitcoin. But Bitcoin is not only limited to online businesses, offline business should also start accepting Bitcoin as payment. To do this, you will need to know about Bitcoin payment gateways. So we've put together a definitive list of popular bitcoin payment gateways. Please note the list below is in no particular order. Triple A are helping companies increase their sales by providing the technology to offer Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments seamlessly. Free bitcoin transactions Noncustodial wallet Easy setup No hidden fees: only 0.8% fee upon cash withdrawal in local c…
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Salamantex, specialist for digital payment processes, and A1 make Austria "crypto fit".Owners of Bitcoins, Dash, and Co can be excited. From this summer on, they can spend their coins at more than 2,500 points of acceptance using A1 Payment - provided the merchant has activated the feature.

This is made possible by a service of the Lower Austrian Fintech Salamantex, whose software has now been integrated into the A1 Payment offer. Merchants can use it to accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Dash instead of cash or credit card, but receive the amount paid out in Euros, just as they are used to. The system has proven itself in a test run lasting several months in selected A1 shops. This means in addition to debit and credit cards, there is now another simple and secure cashless payment alternative available that is oriented towards the needs of a digital generation.

Although Austria is traditionally a country w…

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Coronavirus Renews Retail Interest In Bitcoin

When In Doubt, Buy Bitcoin

Many new investors may have been scared off by the plunging market, wondering whether this thing can actually be a hedge against the rest of the crazy market. But those who did buy that day, if they bought the bottom (almost as low as $4,100 that day), they’ve nearly doubled their investment by now. Of course, it’s difficult to get up and running on an exchange, along with bank account and such, in a day.

It would seem we can therefore thank coronavirus for one thing: there are new Bitcoiners, spurred into action as a result of changing external events.

Said events may be unique, but they demonstrate one thing: in times of distress, people quickly lose faith in fiat currency.

To be fair, the same might be said of Bitcoin, but there’s a lot that goes into that. To make the statement about fiat, we look to the evidence that on March 13th, searches greatly spiked for “buy Bitcoin.” Look at the chart below.

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Plant Seeds & Now Merchants with Changeangel

Changeangels new interactive map

The amazing company behind the Swap Exchange & Plant Crypto Seed map have now launched an additional feature to their interactive map, to allow users to plant markers to show where merchants accept Crypto! Changeangel are leaders in helping Crypto Mass Adoption and now even more so with this new map feature. Go check it out

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Have You Met the Bitcoin Family?

Didi and Romaine Taihuttu were leading a fairly normal life in the Netherlands with their three children. In 2015 and 2016, both of Romaine’s parents passed away. This shocking memento-mori convinced them that they weren’t making enough of their lives. They sold everything that they had and hit the road.

Their blog, The Bitcoin Family, originally Yolo Family Travel, chronicles their adventures. Earlier posts focus mainly on their experiences travelling. They talk about where they go, what they do and where they stay in different places, and occasionally review gear that they use. The site was also a prime example of the “minimalism” movement. Blog posts focused on getting rid of things that you don’t need and how it can make you happier.

At some point in 2017, they started trying to make the website make money to help support them. They found some partners and invested in crypto.

The next step will be to invest all of the money that we receive …

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Plant your Crypto Seed with Changeangel

The amazing company behind the successful crypto to crypto swap exchange service, 'changeangel', have now taken crypto awareness to a whole new level! Recently the changeangel team launched a very special interactive map which allows users to plot where they have planted/found a 'Crypto Seed' card.

Seed cards can be downloaded from and printed out on your printer at home. The idea is then to leave them somewhere prominent, where perhaps someone who's not heard of crypto before, will see it and become interested and want to know more by scanning the QR code on the card. Hence 'planting the seed'.

Once your seed cards are planted around a destination of your choice and hopefully picked up by a passer by. Yourself or the person that found the card can head over to the changeangel 'Plant a Seed Map' and let other users know what type of seed card they've planted/found and where, just by clicking on the map and entering a few details.

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